15 (More) Songs to get Your Inside Sales Reps Pumped

A couple of weeks ago, Leo Dirr wrote an article on the Sales Insider blog whereSpedometer he shared 15 songs to get your sales reps pumped. I enjoyed the article and instantly thought of 15 more songs to add to his list. Music speaks to people in all different kinds of ways, and while I don’t listen to these 15 songs every day, when I need a kick in the ass, these are the ones that I go to time and again. Hopefully you’ll find them as motivating as I do! Read more »

5 Ways to Not Deal with Rejection in Inside Sales

NOI can remember it like it was yesterday: I was in Boston with a group of friends and one of them just happened to be this beautiful brunette whom I had built a great friendship with. She had broken up with her boyfriend a few months prior, and I knew she and I were meant to be. She had to know that, too, right? It was lightly snowing in Faneuil Hall, tiny white Christmas lights dotted the small trees that were strewn along the walkways, and it was now or never for me. I was going to take hold of the romantic moment set before me and ask her out on a real date. We’d hung out a few times, but always with a bunch of folks. We found ourselves strolling alone and I asked her if she’d like to go out, you know, with just me? She looked me dead in the eyes and said, “No.” I was devastated. Two little letters never hurt so much. I schlepped around the city for the rest of the night in misery and made everyone else around me miserable. It wasn’t the best choice, and looking back, I could have handled it way better. Read more »

3 Keys to Managing Your Inside Sales Team

Meet HereWhen you have an inside sales team comprised of several different characters and personality types, there are some things you can do as a leader that can help you manage those folks better. Check the web, and you’re going to find a ton of tips out there, so my hope here is to add a few more to that laundry list. The following are three keys to managing your inside sales team more effectively:

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Why Come Back to Blogging?

Why Not Now

You know, that’s a question that I have to ask myself.  I used to blog over at The CRAP Report, and I lost that for various reasons.  I feel like there’s so much being said about how to do inside sales that I’d like to come back into that ring and battle around with the best of them.  Will I offer up some ground-breaking new philosophies about inside sales and inside sales management?  I don’t know; I hope to, that’s for sure.

What can you expect?  Well, if you ever read one of the entries from The CRAP Report (some of which I’ll be re-posting here!), you know that I like to infuse pop culture and the like into my articles, and relate them all to sales.  You can expect that with each entry, I’m going to offer you something to think about, some lesson or insight, to make your inside sales team better than are today.

Photo Credit:  anjan58 via Flickr